Паллетные блоки

We can produce OSKO Holz pallet blocks in rectangular or square form and in different heights. Thermally printed with the EPAL logo.

A compressed pallet block consists of sawdust made of natural conifers wood waste from our saw line.

The blocks are manufactured by compressing wood chips under high pressure and

temperature. It’s durable and provides twice the nail-gripping strength of standard wood blocks.

  • High nail retention
  • No cracking
  • Less water absorption
  • No mould or damage by insects

All blocks are FSC and PEFC Certificated

Length x Width Height
70×70 70/75/78/82/85/90/95/100
75×75 70/75/80/85/90/95/100
95×95 70/75/78/85/90/95
100×145 70/75/78/EPAL/85/90/95/100
145×145 70/78/EPAL/90/95



FSC chain of custody certification provides credible assurance for products with environmentally and socially responsible sources to access the market.


OSKO and its pallet blocks are PEFC-certified. This means that all our products come from a sustainable forest, recycled and inspected sources.


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