OSKO Holz aims not only to enhance economic efficiency, but also to comply with environmental standards and conform to the principles of social responsibility. It is very important for us that the presence of our holding’s entities in regions encourages economic growth and social stability, contributes to the solution of social problems and the development of local communities and preserves places of traditional land use and biodiversity.

We support international and national initiatives enhancing the practice of environmental management and the implementation of certification procedures.

The attitude to the forest in the world and our country is gradually changing. Traditional forestry operating on the repeating cycle “planting — care — clear cutting” is no longer satisfying both forest users and the state. The prospect of constantly having a resource around the place of wood processing, instead of moving logging farther and farther, forces us to introduce new standards aimed at preserving multi-breed stands of different ages.

Our responsibility is to ensure that the raw material grown by our owners delivers the very best possible return. As a company, we’re proud to support the Russia government’s drive to develop offsite manufacturing and we look forward to continuing to support our customers in responding to this demand.

OSKO Holz urges everybody to take care of the environment. Current requirements of the global economy urgently require the introduction of new approaches to forest management and trade in lumber.


Russian Federation
180534, Russian Federation,
Pskov region, Spasovschina vlg,
Lesnaya Str, bld 1, 1 (Commercials)
+7 921 9100300
Site 1. Spasovschina

Site 1. Sawmill

Spasovschina village, Pskov region

Site 2. Pallet Blocks Plant

Znamenka village, Pskov region

Site 2. Znamenka

OSKO HOLZ | 2021