Pallet timber

OSKO Holz is a company that specializes in the production of pallet boards and pallet composite blocks — the key component of wooden pallets.

We offer pallet timber of standard sizes, as well as materials tailored to individual customer needs to customers from various industries. Materials are meet EUR/EPAL standards.

We supply AST or HT (ISPM15) and KD pallet timber. The production of sawn timber is carried out on the saw line with precise cutting logs operations, optimizing production system and enabling us to produce timber products of the highest quality.

All wood products from OSKO Holz are harvested from sustainably managed forests in the North-West of Russia.


Russian Federation
180534, Russian Federation,
Pskov region, Spasovschina vlg,
Lesnaya Str, bld 1, 1 (Commercials)
+7 921 9100300
Site 1. Spasovschina

Site 1. Sawmill

Spasovschina village, Pskov region

Site 2. Pallet Blocks Plant

Znamenka village, Pskov region

Site 2. Znamenka

OSKO HOLZ | 2021